Features and Benefits

Replacement baseboard heater coverReplacement Baseboard Covers Transform Grungy Heaters Into Attractive Architectural Details.

Consistent Airflow

Proper airflow around the heating element is a critically important feature. If the cover does not allow the gentle convection air currents to pass from below and through the element, the heater's performance will be negatively affected. Our replacement baseboard covers feature the ideal combination of an open gap spanning the bottom length of the heater while the entire cover is uniformly perforated with 1/8" diameter holes ensuring sufficient airflow is consistent from end to end.


Easy Slip-On Installation

Easy slip-on installation is quick, no tools needed. For decades prior to the introduction of our baseboard covers, the most common way to deal with ugly old baseboard covers was to have a contractor remove all of the old rusty components and install new ones of the same design. This process is painstakingly slow and, as a result – expensive. Our simple D.I.Y. installation method means installation is fast and the overall cost is well below that of the "dummy covers".


Quality that lasts

Our baseboard covers are designed to last a lifetime. By using a much thicker gauge of steel along with two layers of protective coatings, ugly rusted covers will just be a bad memory. The sleek one-piece design gets rid of the clunkiness of the original covers while ensuring parts don't go missing. A well made heating product needs to be able to survive day-to-day wear and tear in addition to major events like flooding.


Safety Features

For whatever reason, the design of regular baseboard heating does little to keep fingers and flammable toys away from the heating element. Our baseboard covers offer a significant benefit by visually and physically blocking off the heating element from the top and front sides. The only exception is the space below the panel which must be kept clear at all times to ensure proper airflow.


 heritage wall vent decor grille grate cover


Our Decorative Vent Covers Not Only Hide Unsightly Air Vents, But Also Enhance Any Room’s Decor.


Consistent Airflow

Creating classic elegantly designed grilles while maintaining proper airflow is a critically important feature. If the cover does not allow the air currents to pass from through the element, the vent’s performance will be negatively affected. Our vent covers are certified and HVAC-approved, featuring uniform patterned holes ensuring sufficient airflow is consistent.


Easy Installation

Vent cover installation is quick and easy. Just remove your old unsavory vent covers and replace them with one of our many decorative vents. Our simple D.I.Y. installation method means installation is fast and the overall cost is low.


Quality that lasts

Our resin and wood covers are designed to last. We take pride in the quality of the products we sell and offering great customer service is our top priority. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us.


Unique Uses

While our products are specifically manufactured for heating vents for they have also successfully been used for cabinet screens, ceiling decorations, attic access covers, speaker covers, wall panels, appliqués, outdoor foundation vents, custom moulding, wainscoting and more. The possibilities are endless!


Bottom Line

Our covers look amazing! Or so our customers keep saying. A quick visual transformation that compliments all types of interior decor is the number one reason why our covers have become so popular. Browse our Photo Gallery to see for yourself.